No matter whether you want to protect your home deed, jewelry or your company’s records, the absolute best way to do it is using a reliable safe. Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., is one of the most experienced dealers for Charlotte safes offering a variety of¬†products to fit your needs. We have wall safes, media safes, cash room safes, gun safes, depository safes,¬†as well as custom built safes.

Before you purchase a safe you need to decide exactly what content it is you wish to protect. There are different types of safes for protecting paperwork and different safes to protect your media.

Our Charlotte Safes – Types and Specifications

Fireproof Safes

Charlotte SafesAccording to statistics, 17% of companies which lose their records in a fire can no longer furnish a financial statement, and 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating. The truth is fire can occur anywhere at anytime and your assets can only be protected by fire resistant safes. Fireproof safes are designed to protect paper and keep the internal temperature below 350F for a specific time period. We recommend you look for safes with a 1-2 hour fire rating.

Burglary Fire Safes

Customers are sometimes surprised when they learn that a fireproof safe will not protect their valuables against a burglary. Many fireproof safes are built with the use of thin metal construction which can be easily cut or sawed. Our showroom for Charlotte safes includes a variety of models designed to withstand fire damage as well as protecting your assets from a burglar.

Our team of professionals specializing in Charlotte safes can also assist you if you lose the combination to the safe you own or need your old safe repaired or upgraded. Contact us by using the form below or give us a call today at 704-347-1088.