What Type of Access Control System Is Right for Your Business?

At Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., we know that you want to keep your business as safe as possible, and a big part of achieving that goal is to control who can enter certain areas of your building. We offer access control systems designed to help you do just that–however, you’ll still need to decide what type of access control is right for your business. In this article, we at Eastway Lock & Key, Inc. will provide an overview of the three main types of access control in order to help you make this decision.

type of access control is right for your business

  • Discretionary Access Control. With a discretionary access control system, you the business owner are responsible for deciding who can access a particular location (whether physical or digital). Compared to the other two systems, this one is the least restrictive, as it gives you full control over anything you own and the programs that may be associated with your possessions. The main drawback is that it gives the end user complete control over the security settings of the other users, and any permissions you have are inherited by any program you use, which could leave you vulnerable to malware down the line.
  • Mandatory Access Control. This type of access control system is most often used in the military or other institutions with a high emphasis on confidentiality. In this type of system, all employees would be given specific labels that determine what areas they can access based on established security guidelines.
  • Role-Based Access Control. The third main type of access control system is role-based access control. In this type of system, access to different physical or digital areas is determined by one’s role within an organization. Instead of assigning access to a particular individual, the system administrator assigns permissions to a specific role or position. For example, if you hire a replacement for your security manager, you won’t have to assign permissions from one name to another–the new manager will already have those permissions based on their assigned role in the system.

We at Eastway Lock & Key, Inc. hope that this information has been helpful. If you have further questions about access control, just give us a call.