Tired of Misplacing Your Keys? A Keypad Lock is for You!

Keys are one of the hardest things to keep track of and yet also some of the most important things that we carry with us. Without our keys, we are instantly locked out of our cars, homes, businesses and even lockers or other areas that require keys. If you are consistently misplacing your keys and needing to call someone to let you into your own home, the answer might be in giving up and going keyless with a keypad lock.

keypad locks are also great from a business or commercial perspective

Keypad locks work similarly to a traditional lock, except instead of a key to open the lock, you’ll need something of a passcode instead. By punching in a number code, you are able to gain access to your property, whether you have a physical key or not! This is a great solution for people who are always misplacing their keys. It is also a great option for when someone you know is coming to stay with you, but will arrive before you will. Instead of leaving a key for anyone to find or making them wait, you can tell them the code to your keypad lock and allow them to let themselves in until you can join them. Keypad locks are also great for younger tweens or teenagers who are old enough to stay home alone but perhaps not responsible enough to carry keys to your home everywhere they go.

In addition to residential purposes, keypad locks are also great from a business or commercial perspective. When an employee leaves, a keypad lock can be easily reprogrammed to a different code. This prevents issues of former employees making their way back in. To learn more about keypad locks, please contact us today!