Incorporating Steel Doors into a
Traditional Design

Believe it or not, something as simple as a door can have a big impact on how your design is seen by others. Doors and their details actually play a large part in determining whether your home or office will be seen as contemporary or traditional, warm and inviting or professional and sterile. Steel doors are great because of their tough, strong as (obviously) steel construction and their ability to mimic other materials. If you are looking to incorporate steel doors but also want to keep some traditional elements, we can help here at Eastway Lock & Key, Inc.

Incorporating Steel Doors into a Traditional Design

One way to incorporate steel doors into a traditional design is to purchase your steel doors in shapes or colors that are more traditional. Because steel doors can be made in designs that are not just a solid rectangle, you can get steel doors that carefully mimic the graining in wood or other types of materials with the solid strength of steel.

Another way to incorporate steel doors into traditional design is to keep the shape more contemporary, but the color a traditional one. Instead of choosing bold colors to go with your clean lines, let the traditional elements shine by painting your steel doors in a matte black, white or other door neutral color.

At Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., we are always looking to help people beautify their homes or business properties with the great advantages and strengths of steel doors. If you have steel doors and a more traditional space, we would love to hear your design tips in the comments!