8 Benefits of Metal Doors for Your
Business [infographic]

At Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., we are focused on security in a way you might not expect from a locksmith company. We go above and beyond for both residential and commercial properties. In addition to our services related to door locks, keys, and hardware, we also offer door services, including metal doors that are most often used for businesses, but can make a wise choice for your Charlotte, North Carolina home, as well. Hollow steel metal doors are constructed with a polystyrene or polyurethane core that is encased in a steel cover. Here are the main benefits of this type of metal door for your business:

1.    Structural Security- In conjunction with high-quality locks, metal doors provide exceptional security for your business. They are not easy to dent, much less destroy, making them ideal for schools, offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, convention centers, and more.

8 Benefits of Metal Doors for Your Business [infographic]

2.    Design Choices- There are a variety of gauges and styles offered in metal doors, including those that can repel the impact of firearms and have a high fire rating.

3.    Durability- Metal doors will hold up to daily wear far better than other materials to give you lasting performance.

4.    Low Maintenance- Because metal doors can withstand environmental factors such as severe weather, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures without warping or delaminating, they require very little maintenance.

5.    Insulation- The layered design of hollow metal doors makes them a great addition when energy efficiency is also a goal for your business.

6.    Budget Friendly- Hollow metal doors are a great investment from a long-term budget standpoint, as they won’t need to be replaced or maintained like other doors.

7.   Aesthetics- It might surprise you how beautiful metal doors can be, hence why they are also an option for residential properties. A variety of finishes and textures can make your metal doors as beautiful as they are functional.

8.   Code Compliant- It is an easy matter to make your metal doors code compliant with such features as a panic bar or other handicap accessible entry hardware.