Charlotte Video Surveillance

Would you like to know exactly what is going on at your business facility when you’re not around? A reliable Charlotte video surveillance system will give you an ability to monitor your business 24/7. Although, a surveillance system sounds expensive and complicated it doesn’t need to be. Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., can provide¬†you with custom security solutions to fit your company’s budget.

Charlotte Video Surveillance Advantages

Perfect Deterrent

Charlotte Video SurveillanceIf burglars see a security camera on your building they will think twice before trying to break in. A group of bored teenagers looking for something to do will also be less likely to damage property under constant video monitoring. This is especially important for small businesses which are most likely to become a target of thieves and other criminals.


We have also seen movies where the surveillance system is breached from the outside resulting in crime. In reality, a video security system is basically impenetrable. Well placed security cameras guard each others’ blind spots as well as the most vulnerable areas of your facility. Our Charlotte video surveillance specialists can advise you on the best placement of the cameras.

Remote Surveillance

If you want to keep an eye on your business no matter where you are, a video surveillance system is a must. Modern surveillance systems let you monitor your property using a smart phone or a tablet. With a good system in place you will know exactly who comes and goes, and whether employees are doing their job.

Even with a perfect security system in place a crime can still happen at your business property. However, with your Charlotte video surveillance system you have a way of knowing who committed a crime and you can make sure justice is served.

Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., can help you decide if your business benefits from a video security system. Get a free quote today or give us a call at 704-347-1088.

Charlotte Video Surveillance