High Security Locks

Unauthorized key duplication is a serious problem affecting many U.S. businesses. Our Charlotte high security locks services can help you keep your home or your business secure with the use of the latest technology in the market.

Charlotte High Security Locks – Brands and Specifications

Our Charlotte high security locks services include patent protected key control systems by Medeco. Medeco is the security industry leader protecting assets and facilities worldwide. Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., is also the only Schlage Primus key center in North Carolina.

Charlotte High Security LocksHard to Duplicate

Have you  ever fired an employee? Does your cleaning service have keys to your building? 30% of all burglaries are committed by a thief who had a key. With a traditional lock a key can be easily duplicated at any hardware or discount store. High security keys require a signature to be duplicated, as well as a photo ID and express written consent.

Force Entry Resistance

These high security locks are highly pick resistant and drill resistant. They can resist wrenching, prying, hammering and any kind of physical attack. The resistance comes from strong materials and designs, such as steel rods, ball bearings, and more.

Manipulation Resistance

One common component which makes these locks more secure are security pins. These pins are located in a pin-tumbler lock and make manipulation more difficult. If a tool other than a key is used one or more of the security pins lock at the shear line.

Master Key System Capabilities

Our Charlotte high security locks and key systems have the ability to combine regular security cylinders, patent controlled cylinders, and electronics all in the same system with just one credential! The key systems are also capable of the largest most complex master key systems in the world today.

Our trained professionals at Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., can answer any questions about high security locks and keys. Use the form below or give us a call today at 704-347-1088.