Commercial Door Security

Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., is a certified instructor and consultant for door hardware, architectural hardware, security hardware, security doors, fire doors and hurricane doors. Our Charlotte commercial door security services include door repair and door installation. We offer high quality products and custom solutions to fit our customers’ needs.

Charlotte Commercial Door Security – Hollow Metal Doors

Charlotte Commercial Door SecurityWhen it comes to Charlotte commercial door security, hollow metal doors are the best choice due to their durability. These types of doors are able to withstand years of wear and changing weather with virtually no maintenance. Hollow metal doors are also rust resistant and they can be insulated making them very energy-efficient. Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., can provide you with doors which feature fire ratings from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

Commercial Wood Doors

Wood doors add a warm, natural look to any commercial building. They come in many different stains and designs to fit the character of any facility. Wood doors can be lead lined, acoustical, and bullet resistant depending on the needs of the customer. Wood doors might also be a less expensive option for establishments with smaller budgets such as grocery stores or churches.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for new office doors or wide double doors, our Charlotte commercial door security specialists will help you with all your doorway needs. Solid doors are a crucial part of a reliable commercial security system especially when paired with high-security locks.

Apart from offering a wide selection of wood and hollow metal doors, Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., can also provide you with many door accessories, such as door sweeps, thresholds, kickplates, door stops and more.

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