Charlotte Commercial Alarm System

According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 15 seconds and police catch only one out of 10 burglars. Our locksmith experts at Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., will be the first to tell you that it takes more than a lock and a key to keep your valuables safe.  A modern, reliable Charlotte commercial alarm system can help you keep burglars away.

Do I Need a Charlotte Commercial Alarm System?

If your business processes or maintains sensitive information, such as credit card transactions or patient health records, you should definitely consider a security system. Same for businesses dealing with Charlotte Commercial Alarm Systemvaluables such as cash or jewelry.

Your facility location is also an important factor in determining whether your assets are an easy target for a thief. If you’re located in the area with high crime rate or your building can be easily breached within a short duration, you need to take some precautions.

To determine if you need a commercial alarm system you should ask yourself how a security incident could disrupt conducting your business.

Our Charlotte Commercial Alarm System Services

Our Charlotte commercial alarm system services include running the wire, installing the equipment, as well as connecting and testing. We also provide replacement parts for existing systems at our showroom located in Charlotte.

Our Charlotte commercial alarm system can be customized from a small setup to multiple building installation. We provide you with sensory motion detectors, magnetic window  and door contacts, an easy to use control panel, glass breaks, CCTV and DVR controllers. Our Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., technicians can also tie the alarm system with a fire alarm system.

No matter what your business needs or your budget, Eastway Lock & Key, Inc., has the tools to set you up with the best commercial alarm system available. Get a free quote today or give us a call at 704-347-1088.

Charlotte Commercial Alarm System